Article 1: The Society of “Sarayeh Iran” (pronounced as Sarä-ye Eerän), known alternatively to the community and called by them as “Saray-e Iranian” (pronounced as Sarä-ye Eeränän; Eeränän meaning Iranians), and briefly called “Sara” is established to represent the community of Iranian-Canadians, act as Iranian Community Centre, and facilitate with the following objectives:

  • Aligning, creating synergy, encouraging active participation and contribution, promoting scientific  and cultural potentials of the groups and societies of Iranian-Canadians.
    • promotion of participation of Iranian-Canadians in political, social and economic organizations of Canada
    • Assistance with  smoother attraction of experts,  professionals  and businesses to Canadian markets
    • Contribute to Canada’s economic growth by helping the government and industry leaders to explore the talents of new immigrants
    • Creating opportunities for financial growth of its members and help solving the problems in their lives
    • Contribute to the development of cultural and economic relations between Iran and Canada
    • Assisting members with identifying business opportunities, and successful and fair companies and economic institutions.
  • Directing the charity funds to the people in need

Article 2: Location: Sara is located in Vancouver, BC.

Note: Sara is a social organization that provides a contextual platform for Iranian- Canadians to enter the socio-political and economy of Canada, openly and under the Canadian laws in British Columbia in order to meet the targets stated in its manifesto.

Article 3: Activity Duration: is unlimited.



Article 4 Sara’s structure of elements includes:

  • Board of Founders (BoF),
  • Congress,
  • Board of Directors (BoD)
    1. Board of Council (BoC),
    2. Secretary-General,
    3. Executive Board,
      1. Administration Department
      2. Organizational Committee
  • Audit Committees
    1. Inspection Committee,
    2. Referees Committee,
  • Advisory Committees
    1. Political Committee
    2. Economic Committee
    3. Socio-Cultural Committee
    4. Bylaw Committee
  • Branches

Article 5: Sara Board of Founder (BoF) consists of…..Men and women, who would manage all issues in Sara for organizing and forming first Congress that would appoint Board of Council of BoC among members.

Article 6: The duties of the BoF are:

1-Preparation, approval and registering of Manifesto and Constitution.
2- To determine the road map of Sara
3- To manage and organize the First Congress.
4- Monitoring and implementation of the activities to the first Congress.
5- Accreditation the first BoC before the first Congress.


Article 7: Congress consists of the Senate or elected representatives of the mentioned above Associations and Groups would held in two forms of annual ordinary and extraordinary.

Note: The first congress held after the legal registration of Sara’s Manifest and Constitution. Congress members will be invited by BoF

Article 8: ordinary congress held once a year by majority and its decisions are valid and recognized by proportional majority votes, but if the first meeting quorum was not achieved, the next meeting about a month later with any number will come into force respectively.

Note: Extraordinary Congress shall be held by necessity, recognition and approval of two-thirds of the BoC members or the written offer one-third of Sara’s official members “received by the BoC” or in case of BoC’s out of recognition.

Article 9: Duties of the ordinary congress are as follows:

1 -Voting the BoG and Audit committees in accordance with relevant Sara’s Bylaws.
2 -Congressional statements approval and notification.
3 – Hearing and consideration of BoC report.
4 -To determine annual policy (strategies and policies) of Sara.
5 -Review and approve the recommendations of the BoC.
6 -Approval of the budget and balance sheet.
7 -Monitoring the performance of the BoC.
8 -Approval and finalizing of Bylaws.
9 -Voting of three Inspection Committee members
10 -Voting of three Referee Committee members

Article 10: Duties of extraordinary Congress is as follows.

1 -Manifesto and constitution reform.
2 -Dismissal of the BoC and appointing new members.
3 -Considering BoC’s recommendation proposal of Sara’s temporary or permanent close down and appointing dissolution Committee members.

Article 11: Congress Board consisting of a president and a secretary and two witnesses (who are elected according to the relevant Bylaw) will be administered.


Article 12: BoD is a group of 11 members consisting of four members of the BoF as permanent members and 7 main members as well as 4 alternate members by the majority vote of Ordinary Congress that will be elected for one year.

Article 13: The responsibilities of the BoD are as follows:

1 -Choose Secretary-General of the BoD for one year.
2 -The decision on the establishment or closures across the province.
3 -Preparation and approval of Bylaws and their implementation of paragraph 7 of Article 9.
4 – approving new branches and offices proposed by the Sara Secretary-General.
5 – approving plan and annual budget of Sara.
6 – approving the duties and powers of the Executive Board.
7 -managing Ordinary and Extraordinary Congress.
8 -to determine the political, cultural, economic and social deployments.
9 -decisions on various events and programs.
10 –presenting performance report to Congress.
11 -planning and implementing policies needed to achieve the objectives and policies within the framework of the Constitution and Manifesto for Sara.
12 – approving membership requests
13 -investigation of violations and complaints of departments, committees and areas of Sara and ordering final decision regarding the violations and complaints referred by the Referee Committee.
14 -decision on publications for Sara and obtaining legal permits from the relevant authorities.
15 -electing Deputy Secretary General, Secretary of the Executive Board and staffs and committees proposed by the Secretary-General of Sara.
16 -approval of membership cancelation proposed by the Referee Committee.
17 –proving of qualified candidates for BoC, except for the first period.

  1. Perform other duties that have been placed on the Constitution for BoD.

Note 1: The BoC will have a meeting at least once a month and extraordinary meetings proposed by the Secretary-General or 5 members of BoC .

Note 2: The BoC meeting attended by at least two-thirds quorum and the decisions taken at the meeting shall be valid with an absolute majority of the present members.


Article 14: Duties and powers of the Secretary-General include:

1 -The determining agendas and running BoD meetings.
2- Presenting  Sara’s official deployments.
3 -notification and implementation of decisions of the BoD.
4 –Ordering and issuing executive instructions.
5 -Appointing and dismissal of heads of departments and Committees after approval of BoD.
6 -Coordinating of Executive Board and creating interaction between departments and committees within Sara areas.
7 -Planning for special bulletins prepared to raise social and political awareness of Sara members.
8 –Sara’s appointment and dismissal of officials in provinces and cities.
9 –Preparing annual and periodical balance sheets and reports to BoD.
10 Proposing organizational charts and job descriptions to BoD for approval.
11 Active presence and participation in various meetings, forums and events as the official Sara’s representative.

Note: Secretary-General may introduce his/her Deputy or any other members to participate, on behalf, in the meetings mentioned above.
12 -Signed binding Sara’s documents and official correspondence.


Article 15: Sara Executive Board consists of four committees’ presidents and head of Administrative Committee shall be chaired by the Secretary-General.

Article 16: Sara comprises of committees such as: political, economic, socio-cultural, and organizational. Duties of each shall be approved by BoD.


Article 17: Sara’s Departments are responsible for the administrative activities under the supervision of the Secretary-General.

Article 18: Departments of Sara in terms of necessity and adopted regulations will be formed  and operated within the established framework. Duties and how to choose the officials and members of the departments in accordance to Bylaw which shall be approved by the BoD.


Article 19: Provincial Council elements include:

1 –Provincial Council that shall be established according to approved Bylaw.
2 -Secretary of Province.
3 -Branches.


Article 20: Circle is the smallest organizational unit in Sara, which is within range of a city, is formed according to the duties of the relevant Bylaw approved by the BoD with a minimum of 9 members .


Article 21: Members must comply with believing the Sara’s Manifesto and accepting the approved Constitution and policies and also prove his/her commitment in practice.

Article 22: The eligibilities of membership are:

1 –Obeying to the Manifesto, Constitution and policies of Sara.
2 -Having a good reputation.
3 -Having at least 18 years of age.
4 –Payment of the membership fee.
5 Canadian citizens or permanent residents

  1. Not been deprived of social rights.

Note: Membership admission shall be based on the approved policy by BoD


Article 23: Sara’s activity expenses shall be maintained through membership fees, authorized grants funded by people.

Article 24: All documents and papers must be signed by the Secretary-General and/or other officials appointed by BoD and stamped with the prestigious of Sara.

Article 25: All revenues and expenses shall be maintained in book-keepings and legal documents and at the end of each fiscal year shall be reported to the authorities and then to interested members.

Article 26: Manifesto, Constitution and all programs must be comply with the governmental agencies’ policy and regulations and in case of any necessity permission shall be obtained and implemented when permission is granted.

Article 27: In the event of liquidation, assets and belongings of Sara, after the approval of bill of accounts shall be rested and gifted to charities for the sake of public benefits.

Note: Sara liquidation approved by three-quarters of BoD members proposed to Congress and approval of two-thirds of the Congress or by offering two-thirds of Extraordinary Congress and ratification by three quarters of its members will be possible.

Article 28: The closure or liquidation shall be inform the relevant authorities as soon as possible.

Article 29: This Constitution is approved by BoF in three chapters, 29 articles and six notes  on Spring 2016.


Note: Last modifications implemented on Jan. 2021 based on the most recent instructions of the main founder and current secretary general of Sara.