“Saray-e Iran Society” or (in Parsi) “سرای ایران, more frequently named by people as “Sara” (pronounced as Sarä) was first incorporated under “Society Act” on May 27, 2016 in British Columbia and soon became well known to the communities of Canadians with Iranian descent. Later in 2018, as decided by the Board Of Founders (BOF), it transitioned to a member funded society. And since then the main focus of the society has been persuading the societies of Iranian descent and their distinctive influential people to work together towards the objectives of the society. Please see the objectives of the society here.   

Our vision is to effectively contribute in the cultural, political, social and economic scenes of the beloved Canada. Everyone’s presence in this entity is completely voluntary. 

The purpose of creation of this cultural embodiment is admiring all Iranian-Canadian newcomers to contribute in their new communities.  

The highest entity of this society is the Congress that is plan to be consisted of elected representatives of the community.  

 This organization will consist of a Board Of Directors (BOD) that will have 11 members.   

Bylaws of this organization shall include but will not be limited to participation in elections and support of political parties. All primary bylaws and procedures established by BOF may be altered by the Congress.

Eligible parties and fractions whom wish to join Sara or SIOC, must be either legally registered or be publicly recognized and be housing at least 70 active members or advocates. Each community can have two representatives per every 70 members, one of each pair being young and familiar with Canadian culture and one of the two formal languages. Reputable, distinctive, or well-known individuals might also be invited to join and they might contribute in decision making if allowed by bylaws and procedures. The way the reps can vote on approving policies and executive plans will be approved by the first elected Congress. Whether the weight of societies would affect their voting power will also be decided by the first elected Congress.  Voting share of invited reputable individuals will also be decided by the Congress through a procedure or on a case-by-case basis.