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مشورت رایگان با کارشناسان داوطلب

فهرست داوطلب ها و خدمات رایگان ایشان به اعضا

Volunteers Providing FREE Services

2020 - 2022

How To's:

In this page you can see the names and links to the profiles of the specialists who are dedicating part of their time to serve their community. This service is completely FREE for all Canadians. Simply click on the photo of the expert you need receiving advice from and learn there how and when you can contact them. This is only one of the services planned by Nowruz Patrons website for the benefit of its fellow community members. Please volunteer or let us know about any kind of giving, oblation, donation, discount, counsel, etc. you can give regularly and we will add your name in this list. In case you have a business, in return, and if you are interested, we will introduce your business to the community as a trustworthy business, according to certain procedures which are set to protect the interests of our members. In case you sponsor us, we will promote your business with other tools such as Hamafza Network and its thousands of followers in various media. Contact for details!

با درود فراوان

استفاده از خدمات انجمن برای همه اعضا رایگان است و الزامی هم به آشکار سازی نام شما برای کارشناسان داوطلب نیست. در صورت تمایل به دریافت خدمت رایگان یا تخفیف دار با تقه زدن روی پیوند مورد نظر در زیر با کارشناس مربوطه به طور مستقیم هماهنگ فرمایید. خواهشی توجه فرمایید که ممکن است بعضی از مشاوران پارسی بلد نباشند

Auto Mechanic

Mehrdad (Mike)



Looking for volunteer


Fire & Safety

Jimmy Brar PhD


Legal Counsellor

To be introduced

Life Coaching

Roya Azadvari


Literature / Poem

Mohammad Babantaj


Mechanical Eng'g Counsel.

Shahram Alvani, P.Eng., PhD


Nutritional Counsellor

Looking for volunteer


Painting and Sculpture

Ahmad Aghazadeh


Pharmaceutical Counsel

Looking for volunteer



Looking for volunteer

Psychology Clinical Counsellor

Alireza Sedghi-Taromi PhD

be part of our community.