Our mission at “Saray-e Iran Society” is to persuade all Iranian-Canadians to work together – irrespective of their beliefs, ethnicity and social ranking – and to help each other in contributing to the growth of their new homeland, the beloved Canada. Either our mother tongue is Parsi, Kurdi, Turkish, Azeri, Arabic, or Urdu; we believe by working together as a community we can help establishment of newcomers, growth of our families to their potential capacities, and creating synergy in our contribution to the cultural, social, economic, and political fabric of our beautiful beloved Canada.

The purpose of creating such cultural embodiment is the convergence of all Iranian-descent groups and fractions to form a rather active and effective association.

Apparently through hard work, dedication, and contribution in this multi-cultural, fair, and resourceful country we are able to assist with building a brighter future for, our families, our communities, and our kind host-communities.