Speech – From Jean Chretien to Justin Trudeau

Joseph Jacques Jean Chrétien (French pronunciation: ​; born January 11, 1934) is a Canadian politician who served as the 20th prime minister of Canada from 1993 to 2003. Chrétien was strongly opposed to the Quebec sovereignty movement and supported official bilingualism and multiculturalism. He won a narrow victory as leader of the federalist camp in the 1995 Quebec referendum, and then pioneered […]


Congress Monthly Meeting

4041 St. George Ave., North Vancouver, BC

Upcoming Congress Monthly Meeting

Remembrance Day

Thanks to all veterans. Canadians with Iranian heritage have a very good sense of appreciating the value of peace. Our hearts go with all those who gave their lives for peace and safety of their people. We contribute in praising our great veterans who sacrificed their health for us to live in a peaceful multicultural […]

Congress Monthly Meeting

As usual, SIOC Congress Monthly Meeting will be held on 3rd of Dec. 2020.

Congress Monthly Meeting

Except otherwise announced adequately ahead of time, SIOC Congress Monthly meeting is set to be done regularly on first Tuesday of every month from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Agenda for each meeting shall be announced to members a few days prior to each meeting. The members of the society who have enquiries might share […]

Nowruz 2021 Celebration

Saraye Iran (one of associates of Nowruz Patrons Association) is going to celebrate Nowruz 1400 this year through a virtual fun and energetic event. Tons of gifts are ready to be given to everyone who contributes in this very event and the arranged competitions. This event will be held on YOUTUBE LIVE (link will be […]

زبان مادری، حلقه واسط فرهنگی

بررسی اهمیت فراگیری زبان مادری و تاثیرات آن بر فرزندان دکتر مهدی عابدی، جامعه شناس و تحلیلگر مسائل اجتماعیدکتر علیرضا صدقی، روان شناس و مشاور خانواده پخش زنده با شما در نشستی دوستانهجمعه امروز ساعت ۱۹ به وقت ونکوور کانادا با لینک زوم، فیسبوک و یوتیوب